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SMART - Wenhuan Shao

Wenhuan Shao


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

Wenhuan Shao’s artistic creation mainly focuses on the theme of nature or enlightens the concept of nature, by approaching the essence of things from a temporal perspective.
He intends to create metaphysical art works through a “photography comprehensive painting”, principally using photography mixed with other medium.

Born in 1971 in Hetian, China
Lives in Hangzhou, China

Artistic education

2002 – Studied as a graduate student at Integrated Painting Dept. of China Academy of Art.


2018 – Solo exhibitions

  • Beijing, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, “Perspectives in the Distance”
  • Hangzhou, The Roof Art Museum, “Whine Within Mirror”
  • Shanghai and New York, Han Feng Art Space, “Non-Mountain”


2018 – Group exhibitions

  • Nanjing, Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, “Screen Refreshing Labor: Photography Exhibition 2018”
  • Beijing, China Millennium Monument, “International Academic Exhibition-Photo Beijing 2018”
  • Shanghai, Ke Art Museum, “Parallelism Shanghai-International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition”
  • New York, China Institute Gallery, “Art of the Mountain”
  • Tianjin, Teda INGALLERY, “Meta image – International Photograph Exhibition”
  • Shanghai, Qing Art Space, “Land-Schaft”
  • Hongkong, Galerie Ora-Ora, “??.?? Sqm Open Sea”
  • Paris, Galerie Liusa Wang, “After Sunset”
  • Wenzhou, Epoch Art Museum, “Transcendence of Objective Image”
  • Suzhou, Han Shan Art Museum, “The Folded Mountain II”
SMART - Wenhuan Shao

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