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Between architecture and photography: Zineb Andress Arraki’s vision of second homes in Valais

Zineb Andress Arraki’s residency was planned in Spring 2020 in the small and typical mountain village of Bellwald. A certain virus having modified her plans, her arrival finally takes place in the snow and cold of the mountains of the Haut-Valais region from January to March 2021. A perfect season to get in touch with the issue of tourism and second homes, the theme this Moroccan woman chose to develop in SMArt programme. As a photographer and architect Zineb will indeed question the social and environmental impacts of the Swiss popular initiative accepted in 2012 about restrictions of building second homes.

After studying architecture in Paris (Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture), the Moroccan Zineb Andress Arraki set out to explore the world through dissemblance and opposition. Educated in photography and architecture, she creates a dialogue between light and shadow, industrial and organic, banal and extraordinary in her work. This contrasted work questions the place of Human being, between Nature and Society.