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Maryam Mumladze presents her artwork at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Week

After her three-months residency in Sierre in 2023, the Georgian artist Maryam Mumladze is presenting her exhibition « Shifting landscapes : the nature of risk » at Kolga Tbilisi Photo.


In August 2023, three days after Maryam Mumladze’s arrival in Switzerland, a huge landslide struck the town of Shovi in Georgia, the artist’s native country. Symbolizing the confrontation between the power of nature and the place of human being within it, this event prompted the photographer to work on the question of environmental risks and their management, particularly in the current context of global warming.


Kolga Tbilisi Photo  is since 2002 a recognized institution of photography that annually hosts exhibitions of world-renowned authors. The photo week includes an international photo competition, invited exhibitions of contemporary and classical photography, and educational activities (workshops, seminars, portfolio discussions).


Kolga Tbilisi Photo will open on May 14, 2024 and will host local and international exhibitions, master classes, seminars, discussions and portfolio reviews to highlight our philosophy of supporting the continued advancement of the art of photography as one of the new forms of media and its promotion.