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Virtual Verbier Art Summit 2021

From 29 to 30 January 2021, the Verbier Art Summit will celebrate its fifth anniversary, launching a new virtual platform and inviting leading artists and thinkers from all over the world to deepen the Resource Hungry discussion started at the 2020 Summit in Verbier, Switzerland.


The 2021 virtual Summit consists of a two-day free digital programme, welcoming all those with a love for art, innovation and ecology to participate. The Summit’s open programme can be explored over the course of the two Summit days at leisure, with three new talks and five international debates by new and former Summit speakers. This is a time of great change and the Summit gladly offers a central role for artists and innovative thinkers to enable transformation and inspire action on the ecological crisis.


The 2021 Summit speakers are invited by Jean-Paul Felley, the Summit’s Academic Director and director of the EDHEA (the Valais School of Art) including: Claudia Comte, Swiss artist, Tom Battin, Professor of Environmental Sciences at EPFL, Hedy Graber, head of the Cultural and Social Directorate at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Madeleine Schuppli, head of Visual Arts at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. These interdisciplinary speakers will offer their different perspectives on a resource hungry epoch and reflect on how we can find a new way forward.


Sharing similar concerns, SMArt elaborated a cultural partnership with Verbier Art Summit particularly through the project of a previous SMArt resident, Sharon Castellanos. This Peruvian photographer will share her work about traditional picking of medicine plants in Valais in the Art inspiration section of the Summit.


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