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NO’PHOTO Festival – Niels Ackermann exhibition and conference

In partnership with NO PHOTO Festival in Geneva, Niels Ackermann presents his exhibition “Allo Huaraz” with pictures realised in Peru in the frame of SMArt programme


Niels Ackermann has been working on the situation of Huaraz, a city of 150,000 inhabitants in the Andes, which is facing a dangerous situation: the melting of a nearby glacier. His work shows the very direct relationship between climate change and people’s daily lives, as well as the difficulty of anticipating natural disasters and implementing concrete solutions to preserve lives.


In the frame of this exhibition and in partnership with the CIRM, an evening conference on natural hazards in the mountains will address the question of the impact of melting glaciers on the safety of the population and the management of these hazards in mountain regions with the help of Peruvian and Swiss examples.


This exchange of experiences will provide an opportunity to hear Eric Nanchen from the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions, Javier Fluixa from the Centre for Research on the Alpine Environment, photographer Niels Ackermann, and Christophe Lambiel from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mountain Research, who will talk about the Giétro debacle, a natural disaster which struck the Valais in 1818.



Hallo Huaraz – Niels Ackermann

25th September  – 10th October 2021

Place Wilsdorf, Genève



Natural hazards in mountains: crossed views Switzerland – Peru

Tuesday 5th October 2021, 6pm-8pm

Club Alpin Hall, Avenue du Mail 40, Genève


More information: NO PHOTO Festival


The speed of light - Marco Canale

The speed of light is a project by Argentine director Marco Canale, created in collaboration with the inhabitants of the Sierre and Val d’Anniviers region. The artist carried out several long-term residencies in Sierre in order to discover the particularities of this territory and to spend time with the participants, from different generations. Together, they talked about their origins and local traditions, their ties to the land and to animals, their memories and their daily lives.


From these encounters, Marco Canale wrote a story halfway between documentary and fiction, whose characters are embodied by the participants. Against the backdrop of the impressive landscapes of the Val d’Anniviers, The speed of light evokes the living conditions of the past and contemporary realities, while opening up a reflection on the possible future of the region.


To discover in Val d’Anniviers 13/14/20/21 August 2021.


More information and tickets on Far° website