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Exhibition - Amor Fati - Zineb Andress Arraki

Life has its own course. After a one-year postponement, the French-Moroccan photographer and architect Zineb Andress Arraki spends her artist residency from January to March 2021 in the mountain village of Bellwald. A confined winter. The artist takes advantage of this unusual situation to capture through her photographs the atmosphere of this mountain winter: the heavily snow-covered landscapes, the remoteness and silence of the village, the seclusion of inhabitants.

While her architectural photographs revolve around the concepts of « house » and « home », Arraki is inspired by painting in her photographs of nature and landscape. In the reflective snow that hides things underneath it and only gradually releases them, in this nature that slowly comes to life, time runs its course almost without being noticed.


Saturday 22 mai at 3pm, Village centre, Bellwald


Visiting hours are free. This is an open-air exhibition through the village of Bellwald. 


Zineb Andress Arraki - Open day in Bellwald residency

In residence in Bellwald for the past 3 months, Zineb Andress Arraki opens her workshop on March 20th 2021. There, you will be able to discover the work she has produced since her arrival in Valais last January and exchange with her on her process.


With her background in architecture and photography, the Moroccan artist has laid eyes on the dissemblance and opposition occurring in the Conches Valley while this touristic area faces the current COVID situation. The deep snow and then arrival of spring gives her the opportunity to focus her camera on the absence and presence of Human being and of Nature in her different surroundings. Through her lenses, she questions therefore the place of Human being, between Nature and Society.


Residency open day, Bellwald

Saturday 20th March 2021, 15:00 – 18:00


During this event, please respect the sanitary rules still in force: wear a mask, and gather a maximum of 5 people indoors and 15 people outdoors.