Pictures to raise
Awareness on the challenges
Facing Mountain Regions



Collective exhibition - Faszinierende Gletscher - Ernen

Since the 17th century, glaciers have interested scientists with their complexity, and attracted artists with their majesty and apparent eternity. They are an integral part of Switzerland’s tourist and ideological identity. Sources of water and life, landscape sculptors, but also figures of global warming, these frozen masses are as much evoked and represented for their sublime – even mystical – aspect as for their fragility and their threatened future. The ambivalence of the ice attracts and intrigues.


In partnership with the Musikdorf Ernen Festival, SMArt presents a collective exhibition on the theme of the glaciers with photos from SMArt archives.


Exhibition to discover in the heart of the village of Ernen (Valais)

From 27 June to 12 September 2021
Every day from 10 am to 6 pm. On concert days until 8pm



Saturday 26 June 2021 – 4pm



Saturday 17 July – 4pm

Friday 27 August – 5pm



Into the nature - SMArt young public project

In collaboration with the FDDM, a class from the Lycée Collège des Creusets (Sion, Valais) conducted a reflection on our relationship with nature linked with the current health crisis. This project, called Into the Nature, resulted in the creation of 4 podcasts entirely produced by 5th year philosophy students for their peers on the themes of: contact, loneliness, savage and health.


Listen here (in French)