Pictures to raise
Awareness on the challenges
Facing Mountain Regions




Climate change is often firstly associated with extreme weather events, and rising temperatures seem to affect primarily nature. We don’t think much about the consequences for the human body. This is not the case for Alejandra Orosco, who during her 3-month residency in Bellwald worked on the human body’s reactions to those changes. She therefore looked at stress as a general reaction to changing conditions. Stress is thus also a phenomenon affecting plants. With the help of local organic farmers, a botanist and an environmental scientist, Alejandra tried to understand how plants react to climate change.


In her exhibition Symptoms, she presents a series of microscopic photographs as well as portraits and landscape pictures, looking for analogies between human, plants, and their environment.



26th June to 11 September 2022

In the cellar of the Jost Sigristen House and on the hiking trail to the Mosshubu (Galgenweg), Ernen

Daily 10h-18h / On concert days until 20h



25th June, 16h15

Meeting point: Ernen village square


Public guided tour

In collaboration with the Welt im Dorf Project

9th July, 16h15

Meeting point: Ernen village square