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I feel longing is a documentary project realised by Syrian photographer Hasan Belal during his residency in Sierre as part of the SMArt program. It presents parts of lives of a group of migrants in the region. Focusing on the feeling of longing felt by these people from Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan – with whom the artist himself can identify -, the exhibition aims to raise awareness, through the photographic medium, of the feelings of these immigrants in Switzerland. If longing, depending of the city of origin, of memories, and of the age of his subjects, is at the heart of the project, Hasan Belal also concentrates his work on daily integration of his subjects into Swiss society, shown in photographs as much artistic as documentary, bearing hope and reality.



– Caves de Courten, Sierre : 15-22 December 2022

– Bibliothèque-Médiathèque, Sierre : 20 January – 25 February 2023


Opening : 15 December, 19:00, Caves de Courten
Presence of the artist and curator


Artistic meetings : 20 December, 19:00, Caves de Courten
Guided tour with the photographer and curator
Syrian music with Hekmat Homsi
Stories in multiples languages, with the association Les Pépites d’Or, accompanied by the Armenian violonist Roza