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SMART - Fabrice Erba

Fabrice Erba


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

In his photographic artwork, Fabrice Erba wants to favour a simple approach that permits him to “hold the moment”. His intention is to find the exact timing and ensure to bring together the elements that will make a strong picture. His main themes of interest are urban planning, corporate image, fashion, portraits and music. He uses digital and film photography with editing as working methods for his photos.

Born in Monthey in 1980
Lives in Monthey

Fabrice Erba chose to express himself through drawing during his early years. He spent his childhood immersed in comics, then tried to reproduce his favorite heroes. Growing up, he developed a taste for music with his band mates, especially for the electro. With this music, he married his artistic bent and his core business in electricity. Then, in 2007, he exchanged his musical material against semi-pro cameras. He then devoted himself to his new passion independently.


  • 2011 – “Tanz mit dem Huhn” (Printemps Digital). Development of the visual for a mini-festival with Cédric Raccio, photography, poster and flyers.
  • 2011 – “Herz Aus Glass”. Show of Yannick Barman. Visual design, photography of the poster and real-time processing of images.
  • 2013 – “Surface”. Show of Franco Mento and Printemps Digital. Trails, photographs, video and real-time processing of images.
  • 2014 -Tribute to Alain Morisod (Sandrine Viglino and Franco Mento). Press Photography.
SMART - Fabrice Erba

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