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SMART - Jorge Panchoaga

Jorge Panchoaga


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

“There are some realities lying under the surface of what we observe. Truths that lift up out of the blue, as a sea monster which rises to the surface and then disappears. Entering this unknown world is a way to me to tempt these monsters to emerge, it’s like building a bridge these creatures can get through to what is real and familiar to us. This beautiful space, where imagination and reality meet, is where love, tears and happiness exist. This is the place. This is where we live.”

Nick Cave


Nature exists. To arrange it and give it a sense for our aims is something arising from the needs and the experiences we have chosen as masters. Adjustment is mutual—nature largely lives for us, we model it and it equally models us. Whoever visit the Verzasca Valley is exposed to all what nature and human being recount us. The story depends on who guides us, on what we find along the path—to imagine the future changes, to remember the past scenarios, to create a mirror between our fears and calm.

Jorge Panchoaga walked through these passages into the night darkness. In them he tried to build a bridge to the unknown, towards those things the path didn’t tell him, towards what the men’s words didn’t say: the untamed, the savage. He put the incomprehensible aspect of nature over the human landscape, creating a new possible scenario where the human being faces what he doesn’t know, where we have to try again to understand, and to win the battle against an apparently indomitable entity.

A confrontation, where we go back to being small, as small as any other animal. And in this new scenario we get captured by nature once again.

SMART - Savage

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