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SMART - Laurence Piaget

Laurence Piaget


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

The environment, the conviction that something needs to be done, making use of culture to inform, raising awareness and breathing life into public space are the common denominators between the SMArt project and my photography approach.
The photographs « The Agony of a glacier », testifying to the extinction of these ice giants, are not meant to become archive material for those living at the end of this century. They carry a symbolism that must prompt us to react and change out daily behaviour to benefit our environment. I do not mean to add foreboding to the prevailing mood, to condemn our age or to fuel debate on the causes of global warming, my intent is to provide a faithful reflection of contemporary society.
My objective is to participate in and to insist on raising awareness, like tiny streams welling up here and there, swelling the tide of change through individual and collective action and reversing the repercussions of climate change.

SMART - Agony of a glacier

Agony of a glacier – Exhibition’s photo gallery

Interview with Laurence Piaget