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SMART - Liz Tasa

Liz Tasa


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

The work of Liz Tasa revolves around social issues in Peru. She has developed several documentary projects that revolve around social exclusion, racism and human rights like forced sterilizations or the El Niño Phenomenon, both in Peru.

Based on a documentation work, the artwork of Liz Tasa poses a more sensory than a descriptive type of language. She usually works with a digital camera, LEDs and color photographs. Multimedia video as well as analog techniques such as the frames, technique of the artist Man Ray to make portraits, are also complementary medium of her work.


Born in 1988 in Lima, Peru - Live in Lima


From 2018 – Master of Photo Documentary at Centro de la Imagen, Lima, Peru

2012 – Communication at the University of Piura, Peru


Work experience

2018 – Photographer at Tres Mitades, a marketing and content management company

2016 – Photojournalist in Peruvian media Correo

2013-2015 – Photojournalist in Peruvian media Diario El Comercio


Prizes and achievements

2019 – Finalist in PHOTO IILA – XI Edition IILA-PHOTOGRAPHY “Gender Equality”with her project Kápar, Rome

2015 and 2017 – Twice finalist in the contest “Espacio y Tiempo”of the UPAO University

2014 – Finalist in the Eugene Courret national contest


Group exhibitions

2017 – “58 Peruvian Photographers” at the Inca Garcilazo Cultural Center

2017 – “Portraits of the Family” organized by the Cultural Center of the University of Lima

2017 – “Self portrait of a Nation” at the Cervantes Institute in New York, United States

2017 – “Our eyes: The Emergence of Reconstruction” at the National Library of Peru and the exhibition

2017 – “Intolerance” at the Cultural Center of the University of Lima

SMART - Liz Tasa

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