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SMART - Malika Sqalli

Malika Sqalli


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

Malika Sqalli comes from a mixed culture (Moroccan and Austrian ) background. She has lived in various countries, without her family from an early age, which translates in a position of « neither here nor there, nor on the fringes ». She feels foreign and belonging in many places at the same time, not only in terms of identity but also physically. Therefore the idea of home, culture, identity and place are for her a very fertile ground for investigation.

She has a holistic view on the world, in which she is interested in links between places, the in-between spaces and forgotten place, similarities between people’s behavior, congruencies in landscape, common wisdom, shared mythologies rather than differences and boundaries.

Born in 1977 in Rabat, Morocco - Lives in Rabat


2015 – Residency in Chennai with Magnum Photographer, Chien-Chi Chang

2015 – Schmiede Playground of Ideas Hallein, Austria

2000 – Arts Managements Diploma: Artistic Production at Birkbeck / Marketing & communication skills at Birkbeck

1996-2000 – Ecoles des Beaux Arts, Montpellier



2017 – Atlas Electronic – A collaboration with Pein Lee, Marrakech

2017 – Betwixt and Between Fotografie Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium

2016 – Flight Photoplace Gallery, Vermont, USA

2016 – Optimism at AbGlobal, London, UK

2016 – Optimism at André Heller Anima Gardens gallery, Marrakech, Morocco

2015 – Stories and Secrets at Photoplace Gallery, Vermont, USA

2015 – Awan Arab Women Artist group show, London, UK

2015 – Optimism Ahead Solo show at the Arab British Centre, London, UK

SMART - Malika Sqalli

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