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SMART - Sharon Castellanos

Sharon Castellanos


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

During her stay in Valais, Sharon Castellanos is initially impressed by the distance that seems to lie between people and their environment. It is as if the mountains of Valais had been instrumentalized for economic purposes. From this first realization, a series of pictures is created, that focus on the idea of ​​the frontier: people who view the landscape through a window, guard rails, which form a boundary between the street and the abyss, ropes where you can hold onto. ..

Sharon Castellanos, however, knows that her first impression does not fully illuminate reality. In her search for people who have found their way back to nature, she meets herbalists. A second series of photographs, which gives an insight into the work and the everyday life of the herbalists and gives an insight into their philosophy of life: positive energy, harmony and balance are their guiding principles.

The exhibition « Symbiosis » indicates that the coexistence of people with nature can take on different forms, with Sharon Castellano focusing on the two extremes – distanced-instrumentalized on the one hand, respectfully and intimately on the other.

SMART - Symbiosis

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