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SMART - Stephanie Montes

Stephanie Montes


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

Stephanie Montes’ interest is focused on glaciers, their transformation due to climate change and its possible disappearance. Initially she would like to investigate in family albums and audiovisual archives, images of trips and hiking to the glacier, with the intention to create a counterpoint between this archives and her perception of the current condition of the glaciers.


She hopes to immerse herself fully in the creative work of reflecting, researching, walking and recording everything she can around the glacier and mountain areas, oscillating between the memory contained in the past and the experiences of the present during the residence. She usually combines the exercise of thinking with playing with materials, collecting objects, writing, listening to people and their stories. In the end, she hopes to condense and translate her perceptions through the image and its infinite possibilities in order to answer the question: What relationship can I find between the intimate, the memory and the landscape?

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