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SMART - Hasan Shaaban

Hasan Shaaban


Artist and SMArt
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Artist and SMArt

Having chosen to focus his work on the theme of water and energy, Hasan Shabaan went to explore production sites and reservoirs. Overcoming the difficulties of accessing these places during winter, he visited Grande Dixence and Emosson. He also managed to slip into the hidden spaces of the Lavey, Bieudron and Saint-Léonard hydroelectric plants.

The concept behind the huge dams of the Valais is to store water from melting glaciers, in order to provide for increased consumption in the drier winter months. But what is the connection between the lakes, the towering concrete « cliffs » and the electric power that we use every day? Through his photographs, Hasan Shaaban examines the phenomenal energy reserve represented by these complex facilities, and the mysterious alchemy that transforms hydraulic power into electricity.

SMART - The power of water

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