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SMART - Camila Rodrigo

Camila Rodrigo


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

Camila Rodrigo’s recent works articulate visual and spatial situations that are strained by the uses and abuses of man in the material world. Without specifying areas of specific meaning, her artworks rely on sculpture, photography, Chemigrams and photocopy to install an intentionally incomplete system, marked by gaps and voids, to simulate an unlearning process. Her gaze covers the result of erosion, of what we consider “natural,” and gathers data with which she later creates new topographies. Identifying outlines that – while remaining distinctive of the matter – can be interpreted as arbitrary, incomprehensible, disjointed from our daily life.

Born in 1983 - Live in Lima, Peru


Studied photography at “Centro de la Imagen” in Lima – Peru

2014 – Masters degree “Mal de foco” in Latin American Photography at “Centro de la Imagen”

2010 – Masters degree at Forma-Naba in Milan in Photography and Visual Arts

2010 – Chosen as a part of « Re generation: Photographers of tomorrow » by the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, finalist of the Lacoste Elysée prize that year



Her projects have been exhibited in Arles, Amsterdam, Argentina, Chile, Barcelona, London, Lausanne, Lima, Mexico, Milan, Miami, New York, Ping Yao and other cities. Her work has been published in Chile, United States, Spain and  Switzerland.


SMART - Camila Rodrigo

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