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SMART - Cyril Ndegeya

Cyril Ndegeya


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

As a photojournalist, Cyril Ndegeya approach consists in identifying the complexity of a matter and then deciding which angle is the most relevant to work on. For his personal projects, he is mainly concerned by road safety, urbanism, cultural activities and tourism questions. In order to illustrate these themes, he attends different activities organised around them and shoots his pictures focusing on a potential weakness that can appear on these questions. To him, this is one way to make the authorities concerned by a problem that can then lead to improvements on a political subject. “For me, Art represents a way of expressing, delivering, or exposing a certain matter for the good of the public.”

Born in Rwanda in 1981
Lives and works in Kigali

Although, Cyril Nedgeya is an autodidact photographer, he attended different festivals, workshops and trainings in multimedia from 2007 to 2013, including:


  •  “Films on Youth by Youth Training Program”, organised by Rwanda Cinema Centre and the Goteborg Film Festival of Sweeden.
  • 2008 – Media training workshop on the theme “Improving Journalism, One story at a Time” organised by Rwanda Initiative, a partnership between the School of Journalism at The University of Rwanda and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
  • 2013 – Workshop hosted by the King’s College, University of London, which develop technical and storytelling skills essential for professional photography practices.


From 2013, he is part of the Africa Digital Media Academy, first school in Africa to provide students with skills necessary to work in all areas of digital media industry.

SMART - Cyril Ndegeya

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