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SMART - Cyril Ndegeya

Cyril Ndegeya


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

During his residence in Crochetan Theatre in Monthey (February-April 2015), Cyril Ndegeya met the local photographer Fabrice Erba. From this meeting a kind of poem to « the hidden side of water » is born. Between the Rwandan and the Swiss a brotherly friendship is also born, a beautiful complement to the artistic project.
Cyril Ndegeya came back from his photographic dive with magnificent documentary pictures. The water of the glaciers, so blue and so beautiful, which fascinate the foreigner; the Rhône flow straight in its stony bed; the water which we transform into electricity and becomes hard cash; the water soiled by excrements which bubbles with bacteria; the water which we never see in its iron pipe; the water in its stony cathedral of the Sion reservoir.
Fabrice Erba, worker in the Collombey refinery, who has been used rather to treat the crude oil, also discovered the invisible course of water. His pictures on the technical beauty of the pipes, the control rooms and the wastewater treatment plants reflect his interest for the transformation of the material. Voluntarily cold, clinical, his pictures show spaces without human being, whose functioning seems to be within the competence of an artificial intelligence.

SMART - La face cachée<br/>de l’eau

La face cachée
de l’eau – Exhibition’s photo gallery