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SMART - Maralagua Badarch

Maralagua Badarch


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

During her residency in Bellwald (March-Mai 2015) Maralgua Badarch got the soul of the alpine giants. For her every mountain is extraordinary, a mythical figure of another age, vulnerable in spite of its power.

In her pictures, the photographer concentrates essentially on motives, on light and colours. By underlining shade and light, she increases the plasticity and the intensity of the photos. The structure of mountains is stressed and takes almost a graphic character. Clouds are rather treated in an impressionistic way, glorifying the greatness and the magnificence of the mountainous landscapes.

She considered mountains, glaciers and forests under a particular light, recognizing old angry men, sleepy giants or blue turtles, creatures coming out of another world and living among us.

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