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SMART - M’hammed Kilito

M’hammed Kilito


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist's Career

M’hammed Kilito’s photography is part of the tradition of visual sociology, where he uses the image as a research tool to better understand a given social reality.His photographic work focuses on the small details of everyday life that can provide information on the general situation of today’s Morocco. The observation of everyday life, the encounters he makes and the stories he is told inspire him and open him the field on socio-political issues such as the contrasts between social strata, the standardization of cultures, migration, identity or social determinism.

Born in Lvov, Russia in 1981 - Live in Rabat, Morocco


2012 – Master’s degree in Political Science, University of Ottawa

2010 – Honors degree in Political Science, Montreal university

2006  – Portfolio Program, Ottawa School of Art


Group exhibitions

2017  – Selection of photographies, Palais Selman, Marrakech
2017  – Art Company / Episodes 2, Intimes – Errances, Casablanca
2017  – Youmein Festival, Technopark, Tangier
2017  – Images passagères, Rétine argentique, Marseille
2017  – Open Studio, Printemps de l’Art Contemporain, La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille
2017  – Les hommes défendent l’égalité en héritage, Galerie Fan-Dok, Rabat
2017  – Errances, Festival Rabat Résonances, Dar El-Mrini, Rabat
2017  – Génération Flash, Fondation Alliances, Casablanca
2017  – Les journées photographiques de Taza, Complexe culturel, Taza
2017  – PULP exhibition, Fotofilmic gallery, Vancouver


Solo exhibition

2017  – Destiny, French Institute, Rabat


Art residencies

2017  – Youmein Festival, Tanger
2017  – La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille
2017  – Al-Qarawiyyin, Fez

SMART - M’hammed Kilito

M’hammed Kilito's selection