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SMART - M’hammed Kilito

M’hammed Kilito


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

During his residency in Sierre, M’hammed Kilito dealt with the theme of migration. Through his work he wanted to tackle the growing instrumentalization of fear towards the Other, the foreigner, in Valais, where 1 inhabitant out of 4 comes from emigration. He chose to highlight, through a reverse process, the relationship between Swiss and migrants: What happens when fear gives way to generosity, solidarity and humanism? »

Through the visual sociology approach that characterizes his work, he therefore questioned the political and social realities of migrants by producing three photographic series: the first presents exchanges of knowledge or shared knowledge between migrants and Swiss residents; the second tells the daily life of migrants through activities organized by the Intercultural Space of Sierre; the third focuses on objects and memories brought back by migrants, as well as their homes or places of work.

SMART - On est ensemble

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