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Niels Ackermann


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Artist and SMArt

“Allo Huaraz, do you hear me? Is someone there?” No! Nobody was there to answer the local governor when he tried to demonstrate to the journalists how a satellite phone may save Huaraz from a deadly mudslide.
During his trip in Peru (October-November 2014), Niels Ackermann focuses his work on Huaraz, a 150’000 inhabitants city located in the Andes, facing a dangerous situation : the melting of a neighbouring glacier.
The melting of this glacier has implied a huge growth of the volume of the Lake Palcacocha.
A large block of the glacier could fall into the lake, generating a huge wave that would destroy the very unstable moraine, and finally generate a devastating mudslide that would reach Huaraz in less than one and a half hour. The danger for the growing population is important but the authorities don’t answer properly this alarming situation and neither organise for the emergency situation.
Niels Ackermann’s work shows the very direct relationship between climate change and people daily life, as well as the difficulty in anticipating natural disasters and implementing concrete solutions to preserve lives.


HUARAZ DO YOU HEAR ME ? – Exhibition’s photo gallery