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SMART - Wenhuan Shao

Wenhuan Shao


Artist and SMArt
Artist's Career

Artist and SMArt

The spiritual power of nature that emanates from mountain scenery and water has inspired Wenhuan Shao for many years. Immersed in the grandiose Swiss mountains, he focused on emblematic landscapes (the Matterhorn, the Aletsch glacier…). It is with delicacy and reflection that he apprehends these imposing reliefs, everything of which seems to have been said and shown in order to grasp in the end a new facet.

Through his images of mountains, the artist captures the splendour of the alpine landscape simultaneously with the violence that is inflicted on it. In contrast to this prodigious show, he grasped the devastating effects of human influence on nature. Thanks to the different plastic methods used, Wenhuan Shao shapes environmental threats and destruction. By working on his photographs by stratification, he materializes our footprint on the natural environment. His techniques of scraping and abrasion express this idea not of emptiness but of subtraction, of irreversible loss due to the depletion of natural resources, global warming and the fragility of our biotope. Provoking as much attraction as discomfort, his universe of disturbing appearances combines visions that question the viewer and invite him to become aware.

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